PhilzMedia is a professional  Web Design and Digital Marketing Company in Kano, Nigeria with several years of experience, serving clients within and outside Africa via our professional services.

We are proud of our reputation for excellence, professionalism and…

Our Professional Services

Professional Web Design Services

Web Design and Development

We offer professional Web Design Services. We develop websites that are user friendly and responsive on all devices (PC's, Smart Phones, Tablet etc). Be it an e-commerce website (online shopping store like Jumia), Cryptocurrency Investment website, Business website, Church website, Ticket Sales/Voting website and any type you can imagine.

We ensure that...

Social Media Marketing Services, Social Media Management Services

Social Media Adverts/Promotion

We create Sponsored Ads either on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter targeting thousands/millions (depending on your Budget) of people in a specific location(s). If for instance, you want to create awareness or sell a product, let’s say a particular brand of Smart Phone used only by Youths within the age of 20-28 years living in California, USA, we set the main Parameters for your Ads as follows:

Location: California, Age Range: 18-25 years, Interests: Technology, Latest Gadgets etc (and other phrases related to smart phones), Language: English, Sex: Male and Female, Duration: 1 week (depending on your choice).

You can now see that your Ad is truly targeting a particular audience, not just a random group of people or audience that will view it and skip without engaging with your Ad. Social Media pro...

Search Engine Optimization services SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With our Search Engine Optimization services, your business will be easily found in Google when a search is made. You get more clients from Google, thereby, generating more money.

For Your Business:

We help you rank your Business details on Google's first page. When a user makes a search about your Business name or something related to your business, your business details will be displayed such as...


Graphic Design & Print

In need of professional Graphic Design Service? We offer Graphic Design services. Branding/Logos, Product Design, Package Design, Flyers, Business Cards, etc.

We print also. High quality Prints on any surface.

Have this in mind: Graphic Design is a Profession that requires creativity. Not all Designers knows what's right and what’s wrong as there are principles in making Graphics. A well designed Business Flyer portrays professionalism for your brand and will make more...


3D Animation Videos

Turn the written article about your business, services or product to a 3D Animation video with beautiful scenes and characters.

Got an idea on what 3D Animation videos look like?

Watch some of the videos we've created for Brand owners like you...



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Steve Adams Website Design & Development Service

Sincerely, I'm glad working with PhilzMedia. I have been working with them for over a year now and we've never seen each other. We only connect via social media, yet, they've been a reliable and a trustworthy business partner. They deliver jobs on time. I remember our first transaction, had to risk sending such huge amount of money to someone I have never seen before, but they proved to be legit. PhilzMedia is one of the best I have ever worked with. Will keep referring PhilzMedia to people.

Blessing Adebayo Website Design & Development Service

I must say you really know your job. You educated me on so many things I never knew about a website. You made me feel secure, like I found the right company to work with. You also did a perfect job. From the Branding, UI, responsiveness, security and everything. In summary, thanks for a Professional service.


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    Website vs Social Media for your Business: Here’s the winner.

    Website vs Social Media for your Business: Here’s the winner.

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    Why do I need a website for my business? See why.

    Why do I need a website for my business? See why.

    why do I need a website for my business? Professional web design…
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