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Social Media Marketing services and social media management services

Some also refer to Social Media Ads as Sponsored Ads, Internet Ads, Sponsored Post.
Let’s help your Business grow speedily, get more sales via the social media platforms you use for fun. People spend time earning millions from social media and some people waste time on it chatting, posting, etc, without gaining nothing.

How it works-


We create Sponsored Ads either on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter targeting thousands/millions (depending on your Budget) of people in a specific location(s). If for instance, you want to create awareness or sell a product, let’s say a particular brand of Smart Phone used only by Youths within the age of 20-28 years living in California, USA, we set the main Parameters for your Ads as follows:

Location: California, Age Range: 18-25 years, Interests: Technology, Latest Gadgets etc (and other phrases related to smart phones), Language: English, Sex: Male and Female, Duration: 1 week (depending on your choice).

You can now see that your Ad is truly targeting a particular audience, not just a random group of people or audience that will view it and skip without engaging with your Ad.

Social Media provides several objectives for running an Advert. This includes selling as explained above, creating awareness, promoting your account to get more followers, driving traffic to your website (for website clicks) etc.

Two main reasons why you should utilize Sponsored Ads for your Business:

– It is affordable.
– Social Media Ads targets the audience (people interested in your service) you select yourself which helps in Ads Engagement rather than mere Impressions and also converts audience/Leads to clients. You get more sales and clients with social media ads. You get all these even when you spend a token for an Ad.


We can help you drive traffic to your website by getting a large number of clicks (depending on your budget) from Social Media to your page. We help you get good clicks of any amount(depending on your budget) to your website from Social media using the same process above. The traffic is gotten from a targeted location/audience which helps in Ads Engagement. Not to forget, you only pay if one clicks on your Ad.

Social Media Ads should be done by an expert in order to yield good results and ROI. If not done properly, there will be no results and that’s loss.
Let’s help you utilize the Power of Social Media for your business. It is recorded that Billions of users spend time on Social media everyday. Our Social Media Advert/Promotion Services gives us the opportunity to project your Brand to the right audience via the right platform.

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