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Website vs Social Media: Here's the winner. Web Design service in Kano, Web Design and digital marketing Company in Kano , Web design company in Kano State, Nigeria , Web design and development company in Kano State, Nigeria

Website vs Social Media for your Business: Here’s the winner.

Website vs Social Media for your Business.

Website vs Social Media: Here's the winner. Web Design service in Kano, Web Design and digital marketing Company in Kano , Web design company in Kano State, Nigeria , Web design and development company in Kano State, Nigeria

Are websites even needed? I don’t sell goods like Amazon. Can’t social media do it all? Do entrepreneurs still need a domain in the age of social media?

Websites are superior to social media in business but this doesn’t mean there is no benefit in using social media for your business. Both are important, one is most important and they play different roles in creating success for your business. The mistake business owners do make is that they focus on social media as the hub of their online presence instead of a website. A website should be the hub of your online presence. You’ve got a Facebook Page, a Verified Instagram account? Do you even need this website? YES, you do! I will make some things clear to you. Check them out below:

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1.) SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (S.E.O) : If your website is optimized for Search Engines, it will rank well for a variety of Google search keywords. People from any part of the world can search for the type of service you offer or something related to the contents on your website. For example, one can Google search these keywords: “Estate Management Services in Kano, Nigeria”, “Brand New iphone 11 Pro Max in California, USA”. Websites that offers the service or sell the iphones will be displayed in Google search results. This is one of the best ways to get new and returning customers as billions of internet users spend time on the Internet everyday searching for the service you offer. You can’t achieve search engine optimization via your social media page, only via your website.

2.)  YOU ARE IN 100% CONTROL OF YOUR BRAND’S CUSTOM  DESIGN: You can control your brand’s design on your website unlike social media that requires you to use their layout. You don’t have an option than to use their brand colours, such as the black (dark mode) and white colors of Facebook, blue and white colours of LinkedIn, etc. Apart from the spaces allocated in the header section of your page to upload your logo, there aren’t any customization options available.

You will observe that our website is well designed with our brand colors, blue, orange and white. We didn’t make use of only colors, but we added some other features to make it unique and beautiful. What we did can’t be implemented on any social media platform.


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3.) YOU GET REAL-TIME REPORTS DATA ABOUT ACTIVITIES ON YOUR WEBSITE: You can track all activities, get real time reports data from your website with the right tool which is Google analytics. With the analytics tool, you gain insights into:

  • The location of your visitors (USA, Paris, etc).
  • The duration spent on your website (2 mins, etc).
  • The channel they used in accessing your website such as organic (Google) or referral (facebook, Twitter, etc.), direct and so on.
  • Number of people who visited your website.
  • Number of times a page was viewed.
  • The most viewed page of all time.
  • The device used in accessing your site.
  • Number of people currently surfing/active on your website
  • and many more.

With the use of Google Analytics tool, you gain insights into what’s working for you and what’s not working so you can make adjustments on your website.

4.) YOU ARE IN 100% CONTROL OF YOUR BRAND’S ONLINE PRESENCE:   Permit me to use a Mall analogy for easy comprehension. You having a website for your business is like having a Mall built by you. This means you are in charge and you own everything. No one can chase you out for any reason or restrict what you do in your mall. But when your online presence is only on social media, it’s like you renting a Mall built by someone. You’re not fully in charge. You are at the mercy of the Landlord. You can be ordered by the Landlord to evacuate the building anytime or even decide not to offer you any of the benefits again for a reason(s). It will be a huge disadvantage as there will be no sales, you will lose customers who always come to your mall and you may no longer be able to reach them, starting your business from scratch again in another location, other problems may also come up.

What am I saying?

Having a website makes you in control of your online presence. You have the right to do anything with your website. You’re not limited, unlike social media. There are lot of features that can be implemented on a website but not possible on social media. You can make millions easily from your website (this is no longer a new thing). You can create and publish any form of content on your website. You can decide to build a website today and publish about ten contents today. You dare not do that on Instagram or Facebook else, you will get banned.

Social media controls your business online; you can’t control social media but you can fully control your website. So many people have been suspended/banned from various social media platforms including me. It took me so long to discover the reason why LinkedIn kept on suspending accounts created by me. I was violating one of their terms and I never knew that. Also on Instagram, I have been suspended/banned severally with different accounts, for reasons I wasn’t aware of till I read their new terms & conditions and discovered that I have been doing somethings wrongly. But I have been so smart to always recover my account back with a particular strategy that works. Yeah! I’m a Bad guy… Lol. You can private chat the Whatsapp number on the contact us page of this website if you want me to help you out. I will advice you cooperate with them so as to avoid getting banned. Not all accounts can be recovered. So, register that in your Medulla Oblon whatever.

Yeah, where did we stop?

Social media controls how you use their platform as there are terms and conditions governing their usage.

A real life example of my Mall analogy explained above is the case of popular Nigerian Instagram Entertainer/Blogger, Tunde Ednut who lost his IG account with over 1 million followers. According to Instagram, he breached their terms and conditions. Also heard he posts  so many contents within a very short period of time, so he got banned. He had to start all over growing another IG account. Not too long, he got banned again after creating another IG account. They kept banning his account but now he’s alright with Instagram.

When Instagram was sold to Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram’s terms and conditions, algorithm, layout and some other features were updated. The social media platforms you use can update their algorithm, change layout, declare new terms and conditions, etc. An example is Twitter and Instagram that doesn’t allow posting of lengthy videos (Instagram now does that via Reels unlike before). Some social media platforms may decide to become premium where you have to pay to enjoy for some of their services. Yea, LinkedIn does that. You can’t enjoy their special/premium features till you pay. Those features can be implemented on a website. Why not invest that money on a website for your brand than paying it to a social media company?

A website should be the primary hub of your online presence and not social media. Do not build your online presence only on social media. Rather, use social media to assist your website, drive traffic to your website, utilize the benefits of that  traffic to monetize your website, (Google’s Advert Program) run adverts for brands, grow your email list for marketing, etc.

5.) YOU ARE IN 100% CONTROL OF YOUR BRAND’S CONTENT/POST VISIBILITY: As you continue to publish new contents on your social media page, your old posts are losing visibility. The more you post,  it’s like burying your older posts towards the bottom and making it difficult for your audience who are interested to view it. You can only pin one post. This is one of the limitations in using social media for your business.

With your website, you can pin several old posts (even the one you published many years ago) anywhere on your website. You can also categorize your website contents to help your visitors for easy navigation (where and how they will locate/click on links).

Social media also reduces the quality of your image posts by compressing it when uploaded. You upload a graphic on whatsapp or facebook and you feel like deleting what you posted because it has lost quality. I know several Photographers and Graphic Designers facing this problem. I also experienced this till I discovered the solution. You have to edit the images in order to prevent social media from reducing the quality. For my Graphic images, I use photoshop to set the width and length to 1080 (for square size images) and the resolution to 300. The output usually results to a low file size, in kilobytes. Images with low file size are usually not compressed when uploaded on social media, thereby retaining it’s quality. If you can’t do this, your beautiful pictures/graphics will keep losing quality. Experiment this and feed me back via the whatsapp number on the contact us page of this website.


“Website vs Social Media for your Business”, here’s the winner: WEBSITE.

Your website should be the home of your online presence. Using social media for your business is vital and should be well utilized for marketing. Both of them are vital for creating success in your business. You need a website and you need social media too. Make use of social media to interact with your audience on a human level to grow your brand and achieve success. Also use it to send traffic to your website and also to reach new customers. I post contents on my website. After that, I share the links with a short summary on my social media sites. Those who want the full content will click on the link (SEO technique). Once they click on it, they land on my website. I’ve driven traffic to my website!

Let me know what you think about this post by leaving a comment in the comment box below. Thank you.

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